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Sunser Lake Garda SIrmione

Sentiero della Ponale : natural historical trail


The Ponale path is an ancient panoramic road that runs alongside Lake Garda to the north and continues, climbing over the mountains, along the Valle di Ledro. The road winds its way from Riva del Garda, along the old road that goes up the valley of the Ponale stream, a road whose history dates back to the mid-1800s when an engineer designed a connection between Riva and Lake Ledro: a road that it became a channel for commercial traffic and the main link between the two lakes.

The first part of the path is easily accessible on foot and by mountain bike, there are no steep points or particular differences in height. Past the ‘Terrace Bar’ – that’s how I like to call it, because the terrace is truly breathtaking – the path starts to go up, the slope increases, and the usability is also made more complex by the stony ground; however nothing to worry about. The last part of the Ponale is instead already in the Ledro Lake Valley and meets with a pedestrian path that passes through the green woods, along the stream, to check out the lake, where you can enjoy another show, not least, with the colors of Lake Ledro, lying in the meadows that surround it and letting you warm up in the sun.

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