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Desenzano- piccola Venezia - destinazione- Garda E-motion
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La piccola Venezia del Lago di Garda

The town of Desenzano, just a stone’s throw from Sirmione, is the destination on the southern shore of Lake Garda not to be missed.

You can lose yourself in the colourful alleys of the centre, enjoy the panoramic view from the Desenzano Castle, and take a dip into the past by discovering Roman remains. Visit the Roman Villa of Desenzano, the most important testimony in northern ltaly of the great late antique villae.

Are you looking for fun?

With its clubs full of movida, Desenzano will not disappoint you!

Find out how to get there: thanks to its strategic location, it is easily accessible by car or by public transport.

You have no more excuses, come and discover the “little Venice” of Lake Garda with its suggestive Porto Vecchio.

Explore what to see at the following link:

What to see in Desenzano: Art and Culture in Desenzano 

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