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Addio al nubilato sul Lago di Garda: giornata indimenticabile in cantina

Vineyard Hen Party: unforgettable day by winery on Lake Garda

Dear readers looking for sparkling ideas to organize the perfect hen party, today we take you on a journey of taste, relaxation and fun at the amazing Lake Garda. Imagine yourself surrounded by vineyards, with the sparkling water of the lake in the distance and a glass of wine in your hand. Welcome to our hen party in the cellar, among the hills and vineyards of Lake Garda!
We have prepared a truly special program, where the key words are fun and friendship.
Let’s discover together the program of this day which will be unforgettable.


We start the day with a true celebration of Italian cuisine. In a welcoming and dedicated space, we meet with an expert chef for an unforgettable cooking class. We will knead, taste and create two delicious traditional Italian recipes, all under the expert guidance of our chef. It’s the perfect time to share laughter, stories, and of course, delicious homemade food!

Grafica - cooking class
Grafica brindisi

After the cooking class, we move to the winery’s tasting room for an unforgettable wine experience. We will taste the delicious wines of the estate, pairing them with freshly prepared dishes. It’s the perfect time to have lunch and raise a special toast to the bride in honor of her upcoming big day!


Why not treat yourself to a moment of pure relaxation immersed in the breathtaking nature of Lake Garda? After lunch, we move outdoors for a yoga class surrounded by the lush greenery of the hills. It is a unique opportunity to relax, focus on well-being and enjoy the peace and tranquility that only nature can offer.

Grafica Yoga Class
Grafica Picnic

We end the day with a touch of elegance and romance: a picnic among the vineyards at sunset. We collect a basket full of local delicacies and enjoy a special aperitif as the sun slowly descends to the horizon. It’s the perfect time to share a toast again, tell funny anecdotes and create unforgettable memories.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience to celebrate a hen party on Lake Garda, look no further: our day in the cellar is the answer to your desires! Join us for a day of taste, relaxation and fun that will remain imprinted in your hearts forever. Cheers! 🥂

Plan with us a dream hen party among the hills and vineyards of Lake Garda!

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