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Un soggiorno da sogno: Villa Mario il resort sulle colline del Lago di Garda - Garda E-motion

Dream stay: Villa Mario, a resort in the hills of Garda

Try to imagine your dream stay, combine the flavor of Italian vacation and the atmosphere of farmhouses: this is how I want to introduce you to Villa Mario Resort. A hidden paradise that rises in the hills of Lake Garda, between Puegnago and Salò; a unique location for a fairytale vacation on Lake Garda.

A romantic and timeless atmosphere surrounds Villa Mario; a resort that houses 3 double rooms, a swimming pool, a heavenly garden and a magical view of the Gulf of Manerba. We are a 20-minute walk from the lake, in the heart of the Valtenesi hills.

Stefania, is the beating heart of this villa: she takes care of the furnishings, the rooms and every detail; she is a very passionate host in her work and takes dedicated care of this beautiful property, trying to make her guests’ stay perfect and special.

The facility has a real history, representing the crowned dream of a family that has invested over the years to create a special and authentic project. They started with little, the first rooms, the first designs, the pool, then the other rooms, and finally arrived at today, where certainly one could say that nothing is missing. In reality, behind this beauty is a continuous work of restyling, study and passion, researched over the years.


Stefania and her family built Villa Mario, their home, their fairytale resort and opened its doors to guests.
Villa Mario - Panorama sul Golfo di Manerba - Garda E-motion

The rooms

Villa Mario Resort has 3 rooms, large and spacious, finely furnished.
The rooms are all arranged on the ground floor; they enjoy a private entrance and an outdoor patio overlooking the garden.
Each room has its own style and furnishings, even the bathrooms each have a different touch. Certainly what they have in common is the choice of materials such as wood, stone, marble, and fabrics that enhance the beauty of these raw materials typical of Italian style.
The rooms also have outdoor furniture: tables and chairs, outdoor living area.
There are also designated common areas, such as the garden, relaxation area with hammock, swimming pool, a dehor with tables chairs and umbrellas, and a porch where you can enjoy brunch, breakfast, or a coffee break.

The services

The services you can find at Villa Mario ? They really are many.
The resort offers a fabulous, unheated swimming pool. There are deck chairs and umbrellas to enjoy the summer tan.
The garden is immense and offers the possibility to find quiet corners, cradling on the swing, relaxing on the sofas sipping a refreshing drink or enjoying a brunch overlooking the lake.
Stefania pampers her guests by preparing tasty breakfasts, which are served in the porch area; sometimes she offers to organize dinners, cooking for her guests who are thus able to truly feel at home.

And that’s not all! Stefania often organizes personalized experiences for her guests, boat trips, cooking classes, aperitifs, and as a good host she tries to provide her guests with a complete overview of the activities and experiences they can enjoy on Lake Garda, during their stay.

Staying at Villa Mario Resort is a dream come true: the charm made in Italy, the enchantment of the panorama and all the elegance of a resort nestled in the hills, among olive groves and vineyards. It’s a bit like feeling in Tuscany, but with the charm of Lake Garda.

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