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Horseback tour on the hills of Lake Garda

Outdoor activitiy

Horseback tour on the hills of Lake Garda

30€ per person

Horseback tour on the hills of Lake Garda is a horseback riding tour lasting about one hour.

A pleasant horseback excursion among the hills of Lake Garda, along itineraries and paths, which through woods and hilly paths.

For those who have no experience, or for beginners, no problem, our excursions are suitable for everyone. The guide will help you get on the saddle and become familiar with the horse. Then you just have to enjoy this amazing experience.

During the horseback tour you can admire the local landscapes, enjoying the quietness of this unique experience with the company of our friends, the horses.

The tour starts nearby Limone di Gavardo, a small village among the hills not far from Muscoline del Garda and surrounded by a magic stillness.

It is possible to make the tour lasts longer: each additional hour is 30 € per person.


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