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Sentiero Ponale

We have thought of a proposal for families who want to spend a traditional day on Lake Garda, a family farm lunch and pony ride for kids as next as a small entertainment for children.

For horse riding lovers, an excursion of about 2h30 through Toscolano natural paths, with stunning panoramas. To end with a local meal at the farm.

Horseback tour with a guide. An hour and a half walk through the hills of Lake Garda. An experience in contact with nature and horses.

During the summer, horseback rides are organized in the hills of Laga di Garda, in the late evening, to admire the sunset and the starry sky. Upon returning we offer a country dinner at the farmhouse, in the area of the Indian Village Aquila Chiazzata.

Among hills, panoramic paths and hidden routes and natural landscapes: a beautiful Horseback Riding Tour for those who love riding and enjoy hilly panoramas of Lake Garda; lasting about two hours and an half.

A special package for families. A horseback riding experience for parents and children. A horse ride lasting 1 h for adults and a playful activity in the company of an instructor for the children, who will approach the world of horses. Special offer for the family.