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trekking valtenesi con degustazione olio panorama
  /  Walking tour ‘The Valtenesi through the olive groves and the middle age’

Walking tour ‘The Valtenesi through the olive groves and the middle age’

54€ per person

A walking experience of discovery in the lake Garda hinterland thanks
to your feet and taste. Enjoy
an olive oil tasting in the heart of San Felice del Benaco, one of the magnificent v
illages of
Valtenesi. We walk together between history and culture, diving into the landscape of the Lake
Garda hinterland. This fascinating path in Valtenesi follows the track of the Middle Ages through
olive groves and little churches. The experience sta
rts with the olive oil tasting to proceed in the
The tour begins in San Felice del Benaco, in the
of Portese
. We visit the oil mill and have an
EVO oil tasting. The route is approx. 8 km and has a total duration of approx. 4 hours. The itinerary
continues in a loop to San Felice del Benaco up to the sanctuary of Carmine. Then to the hermitage
of San Fermo and ba
ck to the departure point.
Today San Fermo is a stunning viewpoint. The
simple ch
urch tells us of a distant time, when s
treets were just paths traveled on foot or with towed
The small churches visible from the lake represented a landmark for the b
oats sailing the
Olive oil tasting
olive oil
tasting includes three kinds of DOP Garda EVO oil and some small snacks based on
oil. It is pleasant to grasp the characteristics of this Garda DOP olive oil. The area of San
Felice del
Benaco is particularly suitable for the growing of olive trees. The lands display slight
slopes, Lake Garda view, and breathe its mild climate. Unlike other areas at Lake Garda, San Felice
del Benaco oil has delicate scents; the taste is well balanced. Try
this experience for yourself and
taste Garda DOP olive oil.

  • Departure
    San Felice del Benaco
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Included
    Oil tasting
    Tour Guide
  • Not Included
    Airport Transfer
    Bike Rental
    Certified guide WSET
    Damage Insurance
    Guided tour
    Meal included
    Museum Tickets Entry
    Pony ride
    Wine glass
    Wine Tasting
    Wine Tours


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