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Sup Tour gruppo Desenzano

Sup tour on Lake Garda

Outdoor Activity

Sup tour on Lake Garda

30€ per person

Enjoy a Sup tour among the beautiful colors of Lake Garda.
The sup tour is really trendy. It offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes by sailing on this board on the water. The tour on board the so-called stand up paddle board lasts about 2 hours.
It begins with a small practical lesson to understand its use.

The experience in Sup involves the use of a board, a paddle to row, and then everything depends on balance.
Once you have learned the basics you are ready to begin the real experience. Once you get on the table and take the right confidence and with a little balance we start.

The exploration begins in a group with the instructor. Off to lake coast, for a better view, but without ever straying too far. The sup tour on Lake Garda is a tour led by an expert guide / instructor, who will always be in your company.

This activity allows you to relax and have fun at the same time. Treat yourself to a sup experience, enjoying a breathtaking view of Lake Garda.
Recommended for families and friends, the sup tour can simply be the alternative for a sporting day. 

Book your Sup Tour on Lake Garda and enjoy this magical experience on the water!
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