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Isola del Garda - luoghi magici da scoprire in barca sul Lago di Garda - 2

Garda island boat tour with toast

Garda island boat tour with toast

200€ 180€ per person

Treat yourself to a fairytale experience by choosing the Garda Island Boat Tour experience with toast

There is an island full of charm and magic Isola Borghese, also called Isola del Garda. A place out of time, a spectacle of architecture and history full of charm. Today it belongs to the Borghese-Cavazza family and is home to one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe and the splendid Venetian no-gothic palace. (It is possible to visit it by booking a guided tour).

This boat tour is a panoramic tour departing from Salò by slow boat to enjoy the magic and colors of Lake Garda. It lasts a total of 1h.
Once departing, after approx. 20 minutes you will reach Garda Island; here you can enjoy a timeless spectacle, take beautiful photographs and enjoy a short stop (without getting off the boat) with a toast. A truly magical moment to share with family, friends or a special someone.

The Garda Island boat tour with toast is the perfect gift, the ultimate magical experience.

Admiring Garda Island while enjoying a toast aboard a private braca is truly priceless.

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