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Cooking Class of Tortellini Pasta from Valeggio

Cooking Class of Tortellini Pasta from Valeggio

40€ per person

Have you ever tried the experience of a cooking class? Don’t miss the opportunity to try the authentic Valeggio Tortellini Cooking Class.

You will be able to cook our famous “love knots”. Another way to define the famous tortellini of Valeggio, which are traditionally prepared with a meat filling.

Would you like to learn how to prepare them?
In this cooking class experience you will find everything you need: an apron, the right ingredients, a pasta machine. But above all you will find a professional chef ready to share his secrets with you.
After learning how to knead and prepare tortellini pasta by hand, it will be time to test your work by tasting your homemade tortellini. In fact, the cooking test ends with a tasting of tortellini, prepared with various fillings, and a glass of wine to toast your mastery.

Et Voila! The Tortellini di Valeggio cooking class is done!

Or almost, in fact, we offer a magical alternative conclusion with a guided tour of Borghetto, the magical city of water mills that rises on the banks of the Mincio, surrounded by the Morainic Hills of Lower Garda.

If you’ve never been to Borghetto, you have to include a stop.
Do you like small villages and their history? Then, you cannot miss Borghetto, included among the “Borghi più belli dItalia, an important recognition for the special historical villages of Italy. It was an important medieval outpost, then it was conquered by the Republic of Venice and in the 19th century it was the scene of important battles during the Risorgimento. In our tour we see the Visconteo bridge, the Curtis Regia (customs barrier), the church of San Marco and we discover some legends about this enchanting place.


What are you waiting for, book your Cooking Class of Tortellini Pasta from Valeggio now and visit the magical village of Borghetto!

  • Departure
    Valeggio sul Mincio
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Included
    Glass of wine
    Meal included
  • Not Included
    Bike Rental
    Bottle of wine
    Digital guide on app
    Guided tour
    Local products tasting
    Museum Tickets Entry
    Oil tasting
    Packed Lunch
    Technical equipment:
    Tour Guide
    Wine Tasting
    Wine Tours
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