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degustazione olio san felice del Benaco bike tour
  /  Bike Tour and Oil Tasting in San Felice del Benaco

Bike Tour and Oil Tasting in San Felice del Benaco

65€ 50€ per person
The Bike Tour and Oil Tasting in San Felice del Benaco drives you through the landscapes of the west side coast, on Lake Garda.
San Felice del Benaco is an enchanting village, whose typical Italian atmosphere, hilly landscapes, culture and unique panoramas will delight you. This tasting bike tour is perfect for all those who love cycling, but enjoying the landscape and experiencing a local tasting. The mtb tour drives you though the charme of magic villages, vineyards, olive trees to end up with the oil tasting.
The panoramic trip offers many observation points: a look to the Isola del Garda and the Rocca of Manerba, which are two of the main attractions on Lake Garda cultural scenery.
The Bike Tour and Oil Tasting in San Felice del Benaco is a tasting bike tour among traditions and landscapes. You will enjoy the panorama, take memories and try local oil tasting.
The guide, local expert, will drive you though this mtb bike trip to explore the area, the culture of the place and the panoramas. Take the best memories with this tasting bike tour. Let yourself be involved in the Italian local atmosphere. Experience a bike tour or e bike tour around the Lake Garda’s land. Try the local food with a Olive Oil Tasting, by local mill. The Lake Garda’s oil is really appreciated as one of the best flavored oil in Italy.
Book now your bike and tasting experience and explore the localness at Lake Garda.
The bike tour lasts about 4 hours (including tasting)
Punctuality is required, any delays will provide for the payment of extras.
  • Departure
    Manerba, Crociale
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Dress Code
    sports dress code (sneakers) and rucksack with water
  • Included
    Bike Rental
    Guided tour
    Oil tasting
  • Not Included
    Bottle of wine
    Glass of wine
    Local products tasting
    Meal included
    Museum Tickets Entry
    Packed Lunch
    Technical equipment:
    Tour Guide
    Wine Tasting
    Wine Tours
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